Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome with This Secret

I know you probably already know what imposter syndrome is, but if you don’t, it’s basically feelings of being exposed and feelings of being a fraud. 

Who am I to teach this?
I don’t have enough experience.
I’m not good enough.

And imposter syndrome has created such an energy suck in my own life, and many other people’s lives as well.

I became a mom, a wife and launched my career all around the same time at age 22. I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was very successful. But I spent hours upon hours overanalyzing everything I said at work, wondering what the hell I was doing there and convinced that the leaders above me were going to figure me out any day.

I would lay in bed, tossing and turning, thinking about the things I said or did, and wondering when and if I was going to be exposed. I spent so much time in that “fraud” energy which robbed me of a clean experience during those years. Really embracing who I was as a leader and what I had to offer. 

Once I got the courage to walk away from my career and start my own business, I knew I couldn’t bring that behavior with me into my entrepreneurship journey. 

But SHOCKER — it still shows up sometimes. I’ve just learned to be aware of it and manage it. 

Everyone has feelings of imposter syndrome, even some as famous and well-liked as Garth Brooks.

You have to remember that no matter what level of stardom you reach, you could still experience those feelings.

Imposter syndrome tells your mind a story. It tells you that you aren’t good enough and that you’re a fraud. It’s really just your ego telling you lies to keep you safe because your ego is supposed to keep you inside your comfort zone. Anytime you reach outside of your comfort zone, your ego is going to send out red alerts. 

The secret to overcoming imposter syndrome is the commitment to subscribe to new beliefs. Since we know that imposter syndrome is telling us a story, we know that it’s a belief. So, we need to believe in new things that will serve us at a much higher caliber. 

There are several beliefs that are serving me right now:

First, I believe that my success is inevitable. I believe it with every bone in my body. I didn’t use to, but I started saying it, thinking it and writing it down. I believe it.

What belief can you subscribe to in this moment? It should be one that will allow you to overcome those feelings that are not serving you well. What are you thinking about time and time again? You have to break the pattern of these thoughts. You can’t show up in your business and be your true authentic self if you’re constantly believing that you’re a fraud and not good enough.

The second belief that I believe in is that money flows easily to me. This works so well for me because it creates magnetic energy within me that reminds me that I don’t need clients. I believe in my business and my mission, so I know that money and clients will come. If you can allow yourself to believe that things flow easily, it creates a whole different vibration in how we’re showing up in our business.

So the secret to overcoming imposter syndrome is subscribing to beliefs that will serve you the way you need them to. Decide what your beliefs are going to be and then write them down, journal about them, and repeat. You have to be able to operate from a new belief system in order to show up the way that you are meant to.

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