Increasing Brand Awareness with Store Front Assets

As a coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to create assets. Without assets, you won’t make any money. 

And I’m sure you’re thinking that “assets” sounds complicated.

But it’s very simple.

First and foremost, as a personal brand, YOU are what people buy.

YOU are your brand’s biggest, most valuable asset. You have to get really good at selling yourself, which will come naturally over time the more you do it. But in order to get good at creating demand for YOU, it requires clarity. The clarity in what you do, who you help, and how you help them. 

So, as the biggest asset to your business, you have to create additional assets around you that will help build awareness. And one of the best, easiest and fastest ways to do this is to leverage social media and create a robust (organic) strategy around it in order to create a pathway for your audience from just “hanging out with you” to eagerly buying whatever you have to offer.

That’s where storefront assets come into play. Your storefront assets are what your audience experiences when they first come to check you out. You’re essentially creating a storefront on social media that tells people that you are open for business. 

You have to think of your social media game in a different way as an entrepreneur. There are FOUR storefront assets that have to be up to par on your social media profiles:

Profile Picture – Your profile picture needs to be a beautiful photo that represents you and your brand. It doesn’t need to be a stuffy corporate headshot (unless that’s what your brand is). This needs to be a photo of only you and it needs to highlight your personality.

Cover Photo – Mine used to be of my family because that was a big part of my brand. I’ve since changed it to be a little more representative of my brand. It’s a photo of me that has information about what I do and who I help. I want you to keep this pretty personable, but still professional.

Your Bio – This has to be very explicit and to the point. You want someone to say, “Oh, that’s interesting, I want to find out more about this person.” It’s a simple way to give your brand positioning statement — AKA who you help and how you help them.

Featured Photo (Facebook only) – This is something that I feel like is so underutilized. This is a featured photo that people will see when they scroll past your bio. It’s going to be one of the first photos they’ll see of you, so you want to direct them somewhere. Mine gives some information about my Facebook group and invites them to join. Yours could be your freebie or just linking to your blog.

By creating these four storefront assets, your social media will be polished up and ready for business.

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