Creating Your Showcase Offer

Looking for more clarity in your business and a simple way to scale? 

Too often, entrepreneurs complicate the idea of SCALE. 

But I want to simplify this for you in the way of creating your SHOWCASE OFFER. 

Your showcase offer is the core product that puts on you the map. This is the product or service that you’ll commit to tweaking, adjusting, and fine-tuning as your business and brand evolves so you get known for this ONE thing. 

Unfortunately, most people will create one product, launch it, and then move onto the next thing, but we have to be willing to create less distractions in our businesses and commit to creating a massive amount of momentum through one simple offer. 

In order to build a robust core offer and create awareness and demand around it, here’s three elements you need to consider; 

The Who – Who is your showcase offer for? Instead of just thinking about the person and who THEY are, think about the person who gets YOU the most excited. Your business should be built around your dream client — so get really clear on who this is so that you can create this core offer specifically for them. 

The What – This may be the most important piece of your showcase offer. What is the offer that you are delivering? This isn’t a course, program, or a service, this is the transformation or the RESULT. People don’t by things, they buy transformations. Get clear on the end game their after and be sure to sell your ideal client what they want.

The How – How are you delivering your showcase offer? As an entrepreneur, you get to build your business however you want. Even if you’ve seen things done a certain way, you can do things however feels best for you. This can be done via group coaching, a 1:1 service, a course, or a workshop. The sky is the limit when it comes to the delivery and fulfillment of your “WHAT”. 

The best part of your showcase offer is that it allows you to simplify your business and focus on just one thing. Stick to one offer, and over time you will slowly perfect your messaging and content. Just get out there and launch your showcase offer.

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