My Social Media Platform of Choice

I’ll be honest — one of my least favorite questions as a marketing coach is…

“What social media platform should I use?”

But truly, this isn’t really a great question. Because it tells me that you are stuck in the weeds of your business and aren’t able to pull out and take a high-level view. 

In order to really determine which social media platform you should be using in your business, I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

What platform feels the most comfortable to me?

Where is my ideal client hanging out?

Where do I have the most eyeballs RIGHT NOW?

There are SO many choices for social media networks nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat….it’s actually really overwhelming, even as a marketing strategist. 

But here’s the truth — I grew my business to six figures solely by using Facebook

So, which platform are YOU going to decide to leverage to take your business to six figures?

And that’s the secret. Choosing just ONE platform and riding that pony until you have it down pat. 

Go ALL IN — learn its algorithm, curate your audience there and optimize the platform to benefit your business as much as possible. 

Show up consistently on that ONE platform, engage with other people’s content, and start making connections in the DMs.

In summary, it’s less important choosing the “perfect” social media platform to use and so much MORE important going all in one just ONE to start.

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