Why Most Entrepreneurs will Never Be Great at Building an Audience

Building a raving audience is the ONE THING that most entrepreneurs miss the mark on, because they are focusing on the wrong things. To me, building an audience is more than just growing your business. It’s building a community and stepping into a leadership role within that.

I’m going to be honest with you: Your ability to build, grow and nurture an audience that’s ready to buy from you is going to be directly correlated to the success of your business.

Especially now more than ever, people are looking for a connection. They want to surround themselves with a community and follow leaders who give them hope and encourage them to be better. We have to look at our audience as more than just a group of people. You have to think about the heartbeat behind each individual at the micro-level.

Instead of focusing on things like how many emails you should be sending or how often to promote your program in a Facebook group, you should always be asking yourself, “How can I show up and serve my people at the highest level”. 

The mindset for the majority of online business owners is GROW, GROW, GROW — it’s all about QUANTITY. But most entrepreneurs never understand how to take the CURRENT audience and nurture it. 

It’s not about QUANTITY, but rather QUALITY. What would it be like if you had 100 RAVING fans rather than 1,000 people who don’t really engage with you? Remember, each of these people in our audience is a person. And you have to think about each person as a one on one experience.

When you first start a business, the tasks you should be focusing on WILL NOT scale your business. It’s the coffee dates, discovery calls, workshops and challenges that give you the opportunity to connect with your audience one-on-one. 

Your capacity for making new connections (and nurturing current ones) will scale your business to six figures (and beyond) if you make time for it.

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