What It Means to Create a Brand (and Not Just a Business)

One of my most favorite things to help my clients with and teach my audience is how to build a magnetic BRAND. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or you’re just getting started, knowing the difference between building a brand and just building a business is SO important.

Before I began my entrepreneurial journey and had nothing to sell, I started using social media to share my story and journey. As a young working mom, I knew that the trials and tribulations were worth sharing and knew that others were experiencing the same ups and downs as I was. I was basically inviting other people to walk alongside me as we ventured through life.

And as I was doing this, without even realizing it, I was building brand recognition (even though I still didn’t have anything to sell). 

People were suddenly messaging me with all sorts of questions.

“How do you balance motherhood?”
“How do you balance your career?”
“What is the secret?”

People in my community even started to recognize who I was, just because of what I was putting out there on social media, and the awareness of who I was and what I did.

I’m grateful that I built a brand before I had a business because it gave me the gift of the perspective I have now — and I’ve realized that the majority of entrepreneurs don’t have this skill set. 

It’s become very product or service-driven, with very little human component or connection. 

But the thing is, people will never buy something unless there’s been some form of trust established. 

And trust is built through the different facets of your brand — who you are as a HUMAN. components of your brand. 

The truth is… you have to humanize your business by building awareness around YOU as the brand owner.

If you’re struggling to think about what this looks like in your content and marketing strategy, as yourself these questions.

What parts of my lifestyle would people enjoy seeing?
How am I living proof that my  methods and strategies work?
How am I instilling the things I teach in my own life?
What am I most passionate about?

Consider 5-7 different elements of you that you could cycle through as you create content and connect with people. What you have to sell is just ONE of those elements

How often are you letting people connect with you in a more meaningful way? 

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