What is Work-life Balance?

I’ve been a working mom now for almost 10 years and I feel like this idea of work-life balance gets tossed around a LOT. And so many moms come to me with this singular question… “How do I achieve work-life balance?”

As working moms, I think we’ve all been there. In fact, I used to struggle with this myself. I always felt like I was being pulled from both arms — sometimes so hard that it felt like I was going to rip in the middle! I would work so hard all day trying to make gains in the corporate industry, but then come home and have NOTHING left to give to my family. And then the guilt would set in…. so, I would focus on being better at home, shifting my focus to be all things #momlife, but then I felt like I was slipping at work. It was a VICIOUS cycle. Meanwhile, everyone is TALKING about work-life balance and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I NEED that because what I have isn’t THAT”…. and I continued to chase the unicorn definition of this concept for YEARS.


You can imagine what it feels like chasing a unicorn, right? #nevercaughtit

I finally started to research it. I read about it, dove into personal development, career coaching, mindset coaching, etc., etc., and was hoping to find this mystery roadmap to work-life balance.

Through that discovery process, which took YEARS, I learned that work-life balance is actually a crock of sh*t.


It’s a crock of sh*t because nobody ACTUALLY defined what that term was when it was originated and 99.9% of people end up creating a distorted version of what it means for themselves and wind up chasing the unicorn (like me). All the while, they beat themselves for not having it, making whatever circumstances they have at home and at work even worse.


It’s silly, right?

So, let’s talk about it (and I want to get straight to the point by now).

Work-life balance is defined by YOU.

What does being balanced at home look and feel like for you?

What does being balanced at work look and feel like for you?

How can those two worlds come together and coexist in a way that makes sense for YOU?

These are the things you need to work through as you continue to shatter the unrealistic version of work-life balance you’ve created for yourself.

You create your own reality, so create your own work-life balance.

…but you have to define it first.

Meanwhile, I created a list of 10 Best Practices Every Mom Needs For Work-Life Balance because while YOU will define what that means for yourself, there’s some basic best practices that will allow you to achieve it, and also foster a more positive, peaceful environment for you as you work to juggle ALL THE THINGS.


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