8 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas (+ Free Content Calendar)

The MOST frequently asked question when it comes to social media marketing is, ‘What should I post?’. It’s important to develop a content strategy that allows your audience to know, like, and trust you so that they ultimately become raving fans and paying customers or clients.

Here are 8 valuable ways to post on social media to get you going (also, download your 28-day content calendar with writing prompts to create your own strategy for the month!)

A Day In The Life

What’s your work environment look like? What’s your home-life look like? Whatchu got going on on for dinner, chores, and your evening/morning routine? In order for your audience to really get to know YOU, you’ve got to get up close(ish) and personal and let them into your world. Post a picture of your behind-the-scenes life to give people a glimpse of a day in the life with you.


I love the opportunity to share quotes that resonate with me and share them with my audience. When I read something in a book or find a quote online, I save them, create my own images and share them with MY OWN additional insight, perspective and/or encouragement as I see it through my own lens. When you come across a quote that means something to you, turn around and post it on social media and provide a description as to why it was meaningful to you.


Have you and/or your family recently experienced a big (or small) milestone? I would be willing to bet — YES! Our lives are FULL of milestones, even daily ones. Share them with your audience and let them know how you’re feeling about it or give some insight as to why that milestone is important or meaningful to you.


Good, bad, or ugly — people ALWAYS love to give their advice and share their stories! This is a great way to get people to engage with you (even those that normally don’t) and get new faces on your posts. Invite your audience to engage with you by posting a question. This could be specific to a particular subject you need more information on (i.e. ‘what are you current favorite recipes?’) or inviting others to share their stories (i.e. ‘what are you doing tonight?’ — as seen below)! It also tends to stir up great discussion amongst your crowd which is a great community-builder. If you do this on Facebook, be sure to post a picture with it so it’s algorithm-friendly!


Although this could technically could (and should) be a component to ALL posts, this could also stand alone. Just like giving your audience a day in the life with you, tell stories that allow people to experience something that you experienced or something that you learned that others can learn, too. Stories are POWERFUL tools that should be used A LOT in your content strategy!


I know. You’re thinking… NOT THE SELFIE! But people LOVE to see YOU. As long as you don’t make a habit of posting shameless selfies all day, err day, you should show up with your smile and send positive vibes into the digital world. Add a quote, your favorite mantra, or just tell an engaging story to go along with your beautiful face.

Share results from your product or services

If you sell a service or product, you better BELIEVE that I’m going to tell you to share that good stuff with your peeps. But here’s the trick — instead of posting facts about your services/products or pictures of the products themselves, show or illustrate the RESULTS that your customers get when they use your services/products. 

Show off your expertise

Yes, YOU. You absolutely have an expertise to highlight. Even though you may not think you do, I know there are things that you are really good at. What’s something that people often come to you for advise or frequently ask you about? Post some creative tips and tricks, or tools of the trade,  so that you can provide value to your audience for a quick and easy win.

Well, friends. There it is. Many ways to start SHOWING UP on social media like a BOSS today with a stellar content and posting strategy. Don’t overthink it. Just go for it! And start building a foundation for an irresistible brand that people just can’t turn away from.

Still not sure where to start? I’ve created a 28-Day Social Media Content Calendar with writing prompts and topics to cover you for the month. Get it now!

And tell me, what is your favorite way to post on social media to boost engagement?



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