Why You Need A Social Media Strategy Today

Let me guess.

You keep hearing that there’s SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY to leverage social media to promote your business.

You probably are being told to share away, and post the heck out your products and services on social media — and as a result of that, you might assume that you SHOULD (in theory) be seeing some results from that.

… and you’re coachable and you want to do WHAT WORKS, so you do exactly what you’re told.

But I bet it’s leading you down a path of frustration because you are just NOT seeing results.

I get it. When I got into direct sales two years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In the most literal way, I took a ginormous leap of faith and hoped for the best. And by “hope for the best”, I mean doing what everyone else was doing and assuming that SOMETHING would work.  

No doubt, I’m still learning. I hope to always be learning, but I’ve dialed into a few specific things REAL good and have learned to run with it. One of those being Social Media. 

[cue confetti and horn blowing]

Social media has been a total asset to my business and I recognize that despite all efforts it has NOT been for others. And especially lately, with the recent influx in direct sales representation on social media, I see so many people doing it ALL WRONG. Like awfully wrong. Like I want to squeeze my buttcheeks for these peeps because it’s so awkwardly WRONG.

And the more people that reach out to and ask me how I promote my business so classy-like, I have come to the realization that there are people that most likely fall in either two buckets;

  1. Social media overwhelms them so they avoid it like the plague EVEN THOUGH they know, at the very bottom of their heart, that it could help them boost their business; OR
  2. They become so automated and robot-like when they promote on social media that they get grouped in with every other direct seller online, but assume that what they are doing will EVENTUALLY work.  

Either way, it’s a lose-lose for them AND their audience.

So what’s my strategy?

Well, I’ve built an entire blueprint on this particular concept, but it’s based on one primary concept.

And that’s to stop focusing on YOU and start focusing on THEM.

[insert cricket noises here]

That’s seriously it?

Yes. That’s it.  

Think about this….

The traditional mindset shows up on Social Media and thinks,

“What can I get from my people today?”

“What can I post that gives me THE MOST sales today?”

“What can I say that will get people to join ME in business today?”

Me. Me. Me.

Instead, we should be asking ourselves ONE thing;

“What can I share today that will add value to my audience?”

I get it. You’ve got friggin’ awesome before and after pictures that you HAVE to share. It’s THE MOST effective way to reach the masses with your gift.

And those are definitely OK to share.

But not a gazillion times over.

And definitely not without adding value to your network FIRST.

Here’s the bottom line. We have to stop spamming our network and start serving them. That’s the only way our businesses will survive on social media long-term. And in all reality, Facebook favors the people that do that the best.


All that being said, I know being a business owner is tough. Direct sells is TOUGH. But start showing up on social media in a much bigger way and I guarantee that your perspective on social media will go from being a huge stress-bomber to a significant asset to you AND your business.

I believe in the power of social media, but it’s critical to understand this foundational concept. And in order to get you off to a great start to either start your social selling adventure or reboot your social selling strategy that’s not really working for you, I’ve created a quick cheat sheet to capture some additional tips that you can implement RIGHT NOW to help you get your social media game on STRONG.

Social Media Strategy Guide

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And in the meantime — hang in there, friend. I know it’s hard to step out of that comfort zone, but I’ve got your back!



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