Weekly Readiness

Crash landing into Monday…

What’s for dinner? Which kid is where? Who’s working late? Another birthday party? Will I be able to meet my work deadline? Ugh…

Time for me? Time for my husband? Yeah right.

The craziness of the week goes by SO FAST that I was using the weekend to not only catch up, but to sort of rest. Wait, no, there’s no time for rest. And preparing for the week? Um, no.

Does all of this sound familiar? I get it. FOR YEARS I lived in this cyclical fatigued system. It was either living in the chaos of the week (barely getting by) or wishing the weekends were just ONE. DAY. LONGER.

I knew that if nothing changed, well, nothing would change.

…and so I started to play around with my readiness routine. Setting a system up over the weekends that would help me better prepare for the week to come. If we are being honest, there’s a

When I first started, my readiness routine was insanely elaborate. And while it worked to keep me prepared throughout the week, it wasn’t conducive to our busy weekends. Essentially, I was spending all weekend prepping for the week to come and found no time to actually ENJOY the weekend.

So I’ve tweaked and tested things that do and don’t work. And what I’ve landed on is actually a little embarrassing.  It’s really not earth-shattering. It’s actually so basic that it might BORE you.

It not hours of meal prep.

It’s not hours of calendar scheduling.

It’s not hours of mapping out car pool routes.

It really just boils down to identifying the activities, getting them on a calendar, and communicating them with the family.

After identification, it’s important to DOCUMENT them on a calendar so we can see overlap, there’s a visual to live by and the communication process can start to occur.

..and the gold is found there – the communication!

Like I said, it’s not earth shattering. I think when we hear the word “prep” it overwhelms us and the thought of prepping becomes more daunting than the idea of being underprepared. So we go into the week just. like. that. UNDERprepared. And that’s never a good place to be.

I’ve included a downloaded version of what I have for my domains and the types of activities and tasks that need special attention and/or a calendar appointment. AND, lucky for you, I also included a blank template that you can use for yourself! Winning.

Give it a shot, friend! List out your domains in which need special attention. It may be much simpler than mine. OR it could be more complex. But having them listed, gives the entire family more clarity. It also allows you (and everyone else) to SEE what’s ahead – and that’s powerful.

Are you ready to take action and make your life MUCH more simple? Click the link below for your templates!

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