Saturday Mornings

We tend to let life run away with us, which is why it is so important to slow down and really take everything in. It takes a lot of discipline to force yourself to enjoy the moment rather than worry about what you are missing out on. As a case in point, I have a really hard time sitting down and playing with the kids knowing that there are dirty clothes piling up in the laundry room and handprints and boogers covering my windows. But 10 years from now, a clean house will never be able to replace the time lost with my two favorite little people (soon to be big people). That’s why Saturday Mornings are my favorite; I feel like that’s when all the magic happens. Just the enjoyment of being able to stay in our pajamas a couple hours longer with no burden to carry allows us to truly enjoy our current state and those around us. I challenge all of you to put your chores aside for a bit and just enjoy the life you work so hard to live in…

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!

With love,


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